k_zhil (k_zhil) wrote,

A REAL update!

Thank you, all, for putting up with my entry into Blog Like It's The End Of The World Day, featuring the zombie onslaught upon our fair planet. Let's try something real, shall we?

I'm in a slightly better situation than I was last time I posted, and SUBSTANTIALLY better than most of the intervening times; new bike, steady job, NEW COMPUTER, things are improved. I might even be able to take this job (or a promotion) out of this state, which would dramatically accelerate my timetable. Not having to build up a look-for-work stake to live on means getting out of here all the sooner!

Besides, I like these people. For the first time in my work history, I believe I can honestly say there's nobody I work with that has a real problem with me. That's a VALUABLE first, I can tell you.. and shameless offerings of candy doubtless had an effect on the proceedings. Still, I'm looking forward to my three-month anniversary with this place. It should be all good, I say.

Have to go, love you all!


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