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For the first time, I'm glad I'm in Arizona. Kinda.

It's been a LONG time since I watched TV, so I didn't catch the first reports; I caught a rumor that it'd begun in some Eastern European country, and who cares? But they were spreading all over, almost as if they were.. seeded.

After a few hours at work, people buying up whatever they could use as weapons, I managed to hide away a chainsaw and machete.. When the first couple shamblers came in, I was glad I did. After that, as you can imagine, work was over!

The bosses tried to organize for defense, but it was just NOT on. Nobody there had a clue about fighting zombies, and too many panicky screwballs; they may have been good coworkers for the most part, but I wasn't going to die for them. The bike and the Kyle were outta there, even if I had to leave the chainsaw behind.

Here's where the Arizona advantage came in; three blocks away from my place, there was a gun shop. One that happened to be closed on Wednesdays, no less! And while there'd been some people trying to break in, they hadn't had weapons with them apparently.. because all that was left outside were a few zombies and a nearly-off window grille. And inside?


There was a cutlery store a couple spots down, and I managed to pick up a bunch of broadswords as well as a couple of (VERY nice) katanas; they made a good backup to the guns, and you never have to worry about a sword running out of ammo. Still, it's the gun shop I'm typing this at. MUCH more defensible.

I don't know how much longer I can handle this. The local 7-11 was good for a food run, mainly because I had enough guns to bluff back the trio of thugs already there.. but I made sure not to have any real friends in this state, and there's nowhere to go.

..I killed the landlady an hour ago. She'd helped me out so much, and what did she get? A fistful of boomstick in her mouth, that's what! This is just INSANE. I can't take on a town full of f*cking ZOMBIES all by myself, I don't care HOW many weapons I have!

And the downside of Arizona, aside from all the other crap? The zombies have guns too.



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