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Greetings, folks!

It's been a long time since the last update, and almost as long in Arizona. What can I say, this is a place that isn't exactly conducive to new stuff. Nearest town? About an hour away, and the same kind of thing that you can find here, only less of it. Still, I'm working to save up money for a new computer after the death of the last one on m'birthday, and then saving up MORE money to get the heck out of here!

In Arizona, that's about the noblest ambition it is possible to have.

Still, I doubt I'm going to be out of here before Christmas... and that brings up the next subject. Presents! I've been asked a few times what I want, as gift cards make me break out in gigantic hives, so here we go! Two real categories here, of T-Shirts and Books. (Some nice black reinforced boot-socks would be nice too, but I think I can handle that.)

T-Shirts, folks!

Love the Glove: What can I say, I have WANTED this glove for the past two years and more, but have never gotten it. This is something I LONG for!

Tennis, anyone?: What can I say? It SPEAKS to me.

The TRUTH about the English Language: It's linguistic snark. How could I not love it?

And now, how about some books? Fair warning, this section is rather larger than the last.

Of Spaghetti Monsters That Fly: This is a movement I've got a serious liking for. Not about to join up, but would like to enjoy some of their fine literature, you know?

Man from A to Z: It's something that looks good to me. Come on, the cover has a guy boxing a GORILLA! What more do you need?

Sneakiness made commonplace: Hey, I'm a fan of knowing things. Things other people don't generally know, in particular; this is like "The Way Things Work" streamlined to my desires.

Evil Robotic Geniousness: See above, only with robotic minions and electricity. I may never put these books to good use, but I'll have a whee of a time reading them!

Surviving Zombies: You KNOW they're coming. The only questions are when, and who's ready. And may pick up a few extra things on the way!

Okay, that's a pretty good go. I'm not really expecting more than one or at best two of these items, but it's something to keep in mind!

Also, those who come across this: Please, comment with your own wishes, okay? I hate giving out gift cards as well, so let's get you what you WANT.

Until next time!


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