k_zhil (k_zhil) wrote,

Part Two

Today was a pretty fair day, really. I was working busily, getting my head squished in by all the protective head-stuff... Honestly, I like being reasonably safe, but after some time with my normal glasses, goggles on top, the respirator, the ear plugs, the hat, AND the big sound-deadening ear muffs, it starts to really hurt. Still, safety and money!

Also, I had ostrich tonight. And you didn't. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Cower before my ostrich-stuffed might!

...Or not.

In any case, much done, much happening, see you all next time!


P.S. Aunt Juli, thank you very much for the slacks. They shall be quite nice for when I need to be uniformy.

Shaun and Darby, thanks! Good to get a new picture of our future overlords; I've been needing one!

Grandma, you rock beyond all concievable definitions of the word. Your present made Christmas all over again for me; it was and is utterly, UTTERLY awesome! Thank you, I've been trying to get ahold of that for ages.

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