December 10th, 2005

Candid Opinions

Can't post from ship; posting from a mall, so acting quickly!

Okay, super-quick, people.

I am on a ship. It's 677 feet long and weighs about 21,000 tons- I think- with many people aboard, so yes, a new experience!

The work is hard, with much running up and down, but I have my own stateroom with attached bathroom and am getting overtime up the hooh-hah, so it's all good, you know! Currently, I've been doing daywork in port- maintenance and business of the ship- and watchstanding at sea, aka making coffee and acting as lookout with binoculars. There is a LOT of running up and down ladders (That's sailor for both stairs AND actual ladders) in that one, doing the night rounds and 'crumb-bossing' the second deck.. but legs are shaping up fast. As of Monday I'll be heading out again for ten days, unknown as to where and will do a couple underway fuel replenishments there. Huzzah, overtime!

That's it for now, gang. Catch you on the flip side!