November 7th, 2005

Candid Opinions

Update, at last!

Greetings, True Believers!

This weekend may not have seen anything happen in my job, but I did Other Stuff instead! My many used books, once lost on the bus, have returned into my life due to diligent seeking, huzzah! ...And I bought six more. I'm hooked on books as if it was cocaine, I swear... Crossing the river into Portsmouth (Did I mention the ferry is actually a paddle-boat?), I proceeded to wander about. I found places of grand and marvelous foodery, such as the Old Town Bakery that had GREAT She Crab Soup and corned beef hash. This was both nummy and good, with much in the way of cheapness! While on the subject of food, later I did find myself wandering into a charmingly interesting place called the Bier Garden, a pleasant and delightful Mom & Pop place that smelled a mite funny, but had most excellent delectables. Sadly, I found myself unable to get past the appetizer (Schnitzel bites with mushroom gravy) due to previous eating- My eyes were MUCH bigger than my stomach that time!-, but I packed up my tender Schwein Braten and spaetzle, along with some apfel strudel on the side, and decided to have that for lunch today.

Setting the Wayback Machine to a few hours before that, I had just started to think about Christmas presents. Of course, by "think about" I mean "Said rude things about everyone advertising for Christmas before Thanksgiving's happened, then buying Grandma a Really Cool Present on the spur of the moment and setting ones for Aunt Liane, Aunt Julie, Sister Megan, and Beloved Mama on layaway," but no worries. I think all will like what I picked out for them; I'm GOOD at spur-of-the-moment that way. Also, I formulated Cunning Plans for what to get Uncle Dave and our esteemed Grandpa Don, though I may want to doublecheck with Uncle Dave as to a possible preferable option. A bit unsure about that one. ANYWAY, what I have in mind for our good Clif is not just cunning; it is a plan chock full of rich, nourishing EVIL! And he'll hate the fact that he loves it. MINE IS AN EVIL LAUGH!


Considering further, it struck me with gentle sadness that I was entirely unsure what to get the Cousins. I gradually realized a few years back that I didn't know who Shaun, Brent, Aaron, Brian, and even Bradley were anymore; we'd just grown apart so much, and that's a shame. It's pretty likely they don't know me either, so I guess we're even on that level, but really, that just means we all lose out, doesn't it? Darby I don't really know either, but as we've only met two, three times in our lives that's okay. Oddly enough, though, I feel I've got slightly more of a handle on who Darby is than any of the other male Redfords of my generation; I don't have the memories of the past that had been fogging up my eyes, I suppose. So Cousins all, send me your wish lists, all right? I'd really like to know; hey, might even mean some understanding to boot. It's surprising what you can tell about someone from their wants.

Corbin and Brittan, of course, I know completely, despite never having seen them in person, EVER. It is apparent to any eye that they are, in fact, tiny adorable DOOMgoblins that secretly plan to take over the world through the power of their appalling cuteness! ALL HAIL THE TWINS, RULERS OF EARTH! ...Yes, I DO believe in sucking up now so that I don't get the axe. They're family; what's wrong with that?

I do believe that's enough for one post, my people. Until next time, buh-dee-buh-dee-buh-dee,