October 18th, 2005

Candid Opinions

Gentles all!

My people, I pray thee, do not think I have forgotten! Your kind words and loving support are a rock upon which I can ever lean!

...The sad fact is, folks, my life hasn't been anything to report about recently. The greater part of my day is spent sitting in a room, staving off boredom through conversation, movies, my laptop, and books. Nearly everything worth mentioning happened to me today, which is often the way it goes!

Ladies and gentlemen, I now have an official BROWN passport. That's right, all! Not only do I have the blue one all you non-me people are using, but I have a brown one as well, showing that I travel on guv'mint business or some such! (Of course, I think the military are supposed to get the snazzy red ones, but I digress.))

Also, I finally got over a bloody horrawful issue with banks, and am now free to open a new account with new people! I'm thinking either the Navy Federal Credit Union or Wells Fargo, or maybe just somebody local. You know how these things go; it's all about convenience. Wells Fargo does seem to be a good way to go, though...

Also, I finally managed to find and check out downtown Norfolk, Waterside and Portside. Interesting places! Kind of like a huge three-story enclosed mall for the most part, along with a cheap ferry to the other sode of the river with more stuff. Worth wandering around in, but not to go to all the time; it's no Embarcadero, know what I mean?

Sadly, that is the extent of my activities to date.