September 28th, 2005

Candid Opinions

I am not yet dead!

This weekend, I had many plans. Instead of going through with them, I did something else entirely! That's right, I DID SOMETHING ELSE. I went to New York and had potato skins at the Carnegie Deli! Booya!!!

This week, we have ceased to be at Fire School properly. For this and next week, every day we commute to Fire School, then grab a van and commute further to Naval Weapons Station Earle. This week, it's Ordnance Handling Equipment, featuring much study at hotel and in class. Much to be learned and remembered, and in all cases is it made clear... DO NOT DROP THE BOMBS! This is vital and important. I've been learning how to use hand trucks, carry forklifts from one ship/place to another, and mess about with all sorts of slings and carries. Replenishing a Navy ship midway is what this has all been about! Though I might wish to go into their oceanic research or medical ships instead.

Next week, it's Mechanical Handling Equipment, driving forklifts instead of lifting them. This will be key, most likely! And as it shall certify me in forklifts, this calls for a huzzah!