September 19th, 2005

Candid Opinions


Although the name Kyle causes an active mind and a restless urge to explore new ideas, we emphasize that it causes an unscrupulous, materialistic approach that frustrates higher humanitarian qualities. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the solar plexus and reproductive organs.

The name of Kyle creates a very aggressive and independent nature, one with big ambitions, giving you original, progressive, large-scale ideas, salesmanship and promotional ability as well as the excellent business judgment which enables you to gain the financial accumulation to which you feel entitled. You have a versatile, restless nature, and could do any job well, although you would not like to do menial tasks. You are seldom satisfied and are always seeking something new.


In any case, my weekend was a time of propping foot up and reacquainting myself with the Internet and Top Ramen! A common but overrated combination, I would say. As of today, we began work on relearning basic firefighting, the MSC way! It's a bit more in-depth than last time, and I will need to shave off my luxurious whiskers before tomorrow, but hey, I'm getting money, and that makes all the difference!

Besides, I can always grow them back.

Today was mainly book-work, the many types of extinguishers shown in diagrams and the Fire Tetrahedron (Who took over from the now-retired Fire Triangle, who is vacationing with its cousin the Bermuda triangle at the moment), featuring the new base of the fire pyramid: Chemical Reaction! We spoke of Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, its advantages and weaknesses compared to water, dry chemicals of various sorts, and of course the classic Carbon Dioxide. The most preferred for electronics, due to lack of residue!

And tomorrow we'll be using all of these all day. Huzzah?